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10 Essential Android 4.3 Tips and Tricks

Android 4.3 is a mature mobile handling complement and it’s utterly easy to use, though we can make it even some-more useful to we with these essential tips and tricks. Remember that, while some of these competence work on other versions of Android, too, many of them are for Android 4.3 and later.

1. Create Restricted Profiles for Users

If we have a child and he’s personification around with your Android tablet, we competence wish to make certain they don’t have entrance to something they don’t need to see. That is since a Restricted Profiles underline can be intensely useful. You can fundamentally confirm that apps a user of a form has entrance to and also if he can use a Google Play Store to supplement new apps.

Setting adult a Restricted Profile unequivocally couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to do it.


2.  Use an Office Suite to Manage Documents

If you’re travelling a lot, you’ll substantially need to entrance and revise papers on a go. In sequence to do so, a bone-fide bureau suite, that can hoop opposite forms of files, is a must.

The good news is that there are some good giveaway bureau suites out there. The initial one that comes to my mind is Kingsoft Office, which  is one of a best giveaway bureau suites for Android. It allows we to open no reduction than 23 forms of request files, including DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX,  PPT, PPTX or PDF. It can be downloaded from a Google Play Store here.


3. Use Google Now to Get Information When You Need It

Google Now, that some find creepy, specializes in providing we with a information we need, a second we need it. It can yield we with moody information before your flight, sports scores for your favorite teams, weather, print spots around we and more. It’s easy to use – many of a time, it does all on a own.

What’s even nicer is that a new refurbish has supposing it with location-based reminders. Basically, that means that you’ll be told to do something when you’re in a specific place. Even if we do find Google Now’s prophecy abilities strange, this can come in handy.


4. Don’t Limit Yourself to Apps from a Google Play Store

As against to iOS, Android allows we to implement apps from non-Play Store sources and we can use that to your advantage. How? Well, by removing apps from other app stores, like a ones I’ve lonesome some choice app stores in this article. These stores will infrequently have improved offers than a Google Play, and a Amazon App Store gives divided a paid app each day.


5. Keep Organized with Google Keep

Introduced progressing this year, Google Keep seems like it’s been here forever. Google’s easy to use apparatus allows we to keep yourself organized. You can use it to take notes, including voice recordings, images or text, so that we don’t forget anything.

You can also use it to store selling lists and, best of all, all is synced to your Google Account, so we can entrance your records and reminders on all of your devices.


6. Enable a Emoji Keyboard

A lot of us use emoji to promulgate several feelings that normal emoticons offer. If you’re regulating Android 4.3, a emoji keyboard is accessible to you. Just prolonged press a Space bar on a unchanging Android keyboard and name a Emoji Input. More sum in this article.


7. Make Your Music Sound Better

While your device might sound good with a decent span of headphones, we can make it sound even better. In sequence to do so, an equalizer app is a must-have. Music Equalizer, that we can get here, in a Google Play Store, is a best giveaway ones I’ve come across.

It comes with presets, though we can also customize your possess and what we like many is that it has dedicated drum and virtualizer knobs. You can find out some-more about it here.


8. Use Android Device Manager to Find Your Lost Device

A underline Android users longed for and that iOS has had for a prolonged time a ability to simply lane down your device. Android Device Manager is a good elementary underline that allows we to simply locate your device in a eventuality it gets stolen. You can even remotely clean a information on it.

It’s not during all formidable to set adult – find out how to do it here – and we like a fact that we can ring your device too. Meaning that it can be used to see where in your possess residence you’ve unnoticed it.

Recently, Google has combined a new feature, that allows we to set a cue on your mislaid device, that we can reset once we find it.

Android Device Manager

9. Keep Your Mobile Data Use Under Control

If we have a singular information plan, we don’t wish to surpass a boundary and compensate overage charges when a check comes in. Fortunately, Android has a Data use feature, that allows we to find out how most information you’ve consumed during a certain duration of time.

Just go to Data use in your device’s Settings menu to find it. You can afterwards set your billing interval, as good as confirm when we should be warned that you’re shutting in on your information cap. It can also be set to spin off information totally after a certain amount.

Data usage

10. Create an Offline Cache of a Google Map

Going on a trip, though don’t feel like regulating adult all of your information on Google Maps? You’re in luck, since we can cache a map of a area on your device. The distance is limited, though it can still be really useful in an area we don’t know.

Google Maps Offline

Did we skip any or do we have some tricks of your possess that you’d like us to cover? Leave a criticism and let us know!

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